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Ten Self-Defense Tips for:
Bullied Employees
Approach your bullying problem like a work project. Be methodical in how you behave, perform, document, and strategize. In the face of their excruciating rudeness…
Jot down just the key details. Put them on the “Incident Report Form” on this website or on note cards: time, date, place, people, key quotes and discrete behaviors of concern. Unlike journals, …
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International and Interdisciplinary Reviews
US Flag First, know that her bullying you is not personal. Lindsey Novak, Creators Syndicate's Workplace Reporter
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Previous books have explored the concept of workplace bullying, …however none have prepared the target for winning the battle with the bullying boss like “Bullying Bosses.” Diana Ayling, Senior Lecturer in Law, Unitec, New Zealand
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It is rare that a book of reference and self-help should read like an edge-of-the-seat John Grisham thriller. Sam Vaknin, PhD Author of “Malignant Self Love - Narcissism Revisited
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It would also be a good reference text for HR professionals who are involved in resolving bullying. Personnel Today (the UK's premier HR magazine).
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Mueller acts as an ‘advocate’ for the abused, quickly arming them with the tools they need to defend themselves, and if push comes to shove, prove their case. Franke James, MFA, CEO WorkPolitics.com

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Knowledge is power and this book provides just that. International Management Expert. Andrea Needham, Author of “Workplace Bullying, The Costly Business Secret.
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A "user-friendly" guide. Midwest Book Review ("Jobs/Careers Shelf").

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238 pages, fully indexed, dozens of charts and helpful exercises to help you clarify your circumstances.

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Robert On The Air
Anna’s First Turning Point
BBSG Chapter One: “Utterly Alone”
The Ring of Fire
Page 1: Anna was on the wrong end of an ugly Bully grilling—and not for the first time. As with the others before, Wayne did not plan it, but it started out small and he quickly lit his words into a firestorm. Wayne surprised Anna from behind when she was staring intently down at her work papers, proofing them to beat an approaching deadline. She did not turn around. Her cubical was one of a pair of quads, roughly in the middle of a large office, with a dozen other employees working that day. Wayne wasn’t yelling, but talking just loud enough for everyone to hear every tense word. He came out of nowhere and attacked Anna for issues she had nothing to do with. He seemed to be making up things as he went along. He breathed heavily down on her and stared at her with malicious intent.
“Your work is unacceptable, absolutely unacceptable.” Wayne hissed bending forward at the waist. Anna remained seated, already stressed and getting more so…
And more about Anna...
Page 4: Here’s the good news: that Ring of Fire of Wayne’s was artificially generated and largely illusory. It may have been of the Bully’s design, but was sustainable only by Anna’s reasonable, but false, sense of smallness. If Anna was going to find relief from her Bully, it would not be found inside of the little Ring of Fire in which he had once again trapped her and where he was the biggest thing going…
And more by Robert...
Contending with Bullying Bosses
It’s a good idea to confront your bully so he sees that you’re not afraid.
Personal confrontations with…
Myths: The first thing an employee should do following a bullying incident is talk to management.
Truths: Management team members interpret any confrontation an employee might have with a boss as also being …
Myths: You should avoid your bullying boss whenever possible.
Truths: If bullies notice you’re ducking them, they will… and much more…
Bullies Are Not Family
Sure, the bullies at work have problems, but they’re not ours to fix. For them, it’s war on the rest of us rather than just friends not getting along.
It’s office politics gone bad and over the top.
Bullies are serial abusers, similar in character to perpetrators of domestic violence, except they are not “family”
b. My Therapist Says To Confront…

Robert On The Air
State Bar #103935 (inactive)

Board of Behavioral Sciences
Provider #3232 (inactive)

An Expert Office Bully
And Expert Advice
Target: …Given her affair with the senior manager, she acts like she is untouchable and pushes every button possible to get my goat. Most of my coworkers can’t believe she would turn on her “only” friend but personally I think I should have seen it coming…
Robert: She is, right now, courting her special manager in the oldest of ways. You can be certain she is documenting every embarrassing detail. Geeeez! He can’t see it coming either…
About Robert and His Journey
Robert Mueller, the Bullying Bosses Coach is a former attorney who represented a couple thousand employees suffering adverse employer actions, many involving bullying. He came to know intimately, as adversaries, several Bulling Bosses on various sides of labor-management relations. He was made a Target by the Pros. He’s a Survivor.
Sergeant Joe Friday from Dragnet, “Just the facts, Ma’am”.
“One of the most valuable tools Mueller shares with the reader is the Incident Report Form (downloadable at his site). Targets are instructed to methodically record and categorize the abuse on it…documenting the abuse is critical to understanding it, spotting patterns, and devising methods to combat it…”a Target by the Pros. He’s a Survivor.
Franke James CEO of OfficePolitics.com:
Natural Born Trouble Maker But Smooth
It might be you’re in trouble or are a natural-born troublemaker. Ideally, there’s nothing much going, on but you know that trouble is always just around the corner. It could be that you have a union and it needs employee support for contract negotiations or a particular issue. You could seemingly be alone. How do you get that support? You earn it. Information is power. With just a few covert
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